Denver, CO -- Oct. 7 - 10, 2005

The Red Earth Women's Alliance

Background:    The vision for the Four Directions / All Nations March came from the many people who have resisted the Columbus holiday for decades.  After the protest in 2000, a group of women came together to discuss the continuing impact of the Columbus legacy on our families and communities. These women envisioned the Four Directions / All Nations March as part of a spiritual commitment to transform the existing holiday into a celebration of all races and all nations.  The work in bringing this march to Denver comes from a multi-cultural, multi-racial, inter-generational coalition of over 80 organizations who are in the Transform Columbus Day Alliance.

The Four Directions: The Four Directions (West, North, East, and South) and the number four have deep significance for most indigenous peoples around the world. The Four Directions are part of the Medicine Wheel. Many traditions use the Four Directions and the Medicine Wheel to share wisdom about the diversity of life. The use of the four colors (Black, Red, Yellow, and White) honors the colors of all the races on this earth. The four year commitment, also, honors the wisdom of the Four Directions.

Last Year, Recognition: Last year, over 2000 people joined us, as we acknowledged the genocide and destruction that the Columbus legacy has left on this land and her peoples. Our march visually and joyfully expressed our shared knowledge that the peoples of all colors and all nations can work together to create a better world for our children.

This Year, Honoring our Ancestors: In this second year, we honor our ancestors -- those who came before and suffered oppression. We grieve their loss. Yet we honor them for their strength, their courage, their resilience, and their wisdom. We seek to share their stories of survival and learn from them. We will honor our ancestors with the heartbeat of the earth, with the songs of many drums, with the prayers of many nations, and our march from the Four Directions.

Long-Term Purpose: As we move through the four years of the Four Directions / All Nations March, the Red Earth Women's Alliance will continue our commitment to: 

  • Demonstrate unity among all peoples of color and peoples of all nations 
  • Honor the memories of our ancestors who sacrificed for us 
  • Celebrate peace and dignity as the rightful heritage for our children for the Seven Generations to come 
  • Promote Denver as a model for the celebration of diversity