Denver, CO -- Oct. 7 - 10, 2005


Teacher's Commitment
To teach the true history 
of Christopher Columbus

To: All teachers and educators: 

Please review the following commitment, and submit your support as a dedicated teacher to guide our children to recognize the distinctive differences of written history. Please go to the website: for further information. In addition, submit your support to Nita Gonzales, with your note of commitment, and comments of support. Please forward this message to fellow teachers/educators on your mailing list, to extend this message of support nationwide. 

Return your signed commitment by filling and submitting the online form below, or print this page and mail to: 

Nita Gonzales
c/o Escuela Tlatelolco
2949 Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80211

For more information write to

New video about Columbus now available

Read Nita Gonzales' statement and challenge from 2001

Teacherís commitment to teach 
the true history of Christopher Columbus

I, , an educator and teacher for our future generation, agree that I will adhere to a corrected Lesson Plan that provides an expanded and diverse history of Christopher Columbus. I agree to research for substantiated evidence of the Conquistadors who were condemned to solitude for seeking humanitarian treatment of the conquered natives of the land we now call America. In addition, I support the "Four Directions All Nations March," on October 10, 2003 as an invitation to all people of conscience. Furthermore, I will, to the best of my ability, guide my students toward the value, of being open-minded, and respect the true history of our country.

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