Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rock Out Columbus Day Concert

Oriental Theater, 44th Ave at Tennyson. 7-midnight.
Featuring Debajo del Agua and Savage Family, with other indigenous acts.

Friday, October 5th, 2007

"Columbuscide - Denver, 2007 • 515 years of invasion, indigenous resistance and renewal."

Art Festival, Opening Friday, October 5th, 7pm
Laughing Bean Café, 1025 N. Santa Fe Drive, Denver.
The show will expose the deception, death and destruction embodied in the celebration of Columbus Day, which was born 100 years ago this year in Colorado. The show will also reflect the spirit of resistance of indigenous peoples to over 500 years of oppression and genocide in our homeland. It will express the spirit of resilience and dedication to freedom for future generations of indigenous peoples here in on Turtle Island.
Featuring work by American Indian artists, Russell Means, Lawrence Paul and other native and non-native artists who have provided their interpretation of the effects of imperialism, genocide, and oppression which began with Columbus' arrival and that continue today.

Saturday October 6th, 2007

Four Directions March
Gather at 7:00am and step off at 7:30am from:

  • North (red) - Mercury Cafe, 22nd and California
  • East (yellow) - Governor's Park, 7th and Pearl
  • West (black) - Auraria Campus Flagpole
  • South (white) - Four Winds, 5th and Bannock

Converge at Lincoln Park at 8:00am

Massive rally at the State Capitol at 8:30am

Protest of Columbus Day Parade 9:30-Noon.
Rally to call for justice for Native peoples everywhere, for an end to the Colum-Bush legacy, repeal the Columbus holiday, call for an end to another Columbush imperial invasion in Iraq.


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