Denver, CO -- Oct. 7 - 10, 2005

Transform Columbus Day Alliance

September 18, 2001

During this solemn period of both national crisis and healing, the country's condition should neither be taken lightly, nor trivialized for opportunistic gain. Now is the time for all of us to reaffirm our commitments to building peace, and to strengthening our relationships on all levels. The Transform Columbus Day Alliance (TCDA) was founded on principles of honor, mutual respect and inclusiveness. In this period of national trauma, TCDA reiterates its dedication to a positive future for Denver, and for the country as a whole, through events that bring diverse people together through a commitment to the enduring ideas of equality and justice.

Consistent with our vision, TCDA repeats its invitation to all Italians and Italian-Americans of goodwill, to join us for our All Nations/Four Directions March on Saturday, Oct.6th, without hatred, without mistrust, and as an example of multiracial harmony. Specifically, we repeat our invitation to last year's Columbus Hate Speech Parade organizers, George Vendegnia and C. M. Mangiaracina and their respective organizations, to abandon their divisive celebrations of Christopher Columbus and his legacy, and to join with us in taking Denver into a more positive and productive future.

TCDA is proceeding with its plans for the weekend of Oct 5-8 in the healing the recent pain that has been visited on the U.S., as well as the unresolved historic grief of the past 509 years. The centerpiece of the weekend is the All Nations/Four Directions March on Saturday Oct. 6th. The march has been endorsed by scores of organizations from across the country, and thousands of participants are expected. TCDA also will hold a Day of Spiritual Unity at the State Capitol on Sunday, October 7th, to which representatives of all faiths and spiritual traditions have been invited. We will also be holding two concerts, entitled Beyond Hatred: Festivals of Resistance to Columbus and his Legacy. Confirmed groups include Aztlan Underground, Quetzal, Clan Dyken, Julian B., and Atoll, along with several others.

We also remind the Denver community that the Red Earth Women's Alliance, represented by Nita Gonzales, is in its thirteenth day of fasting in support of the principles of TCDA. Among the challenges that were put forward by those fasting was for Ari Zavaras to deny the second permit for the Columbus Hate Speech Parade; for the Denver City Council to introduce a resolution in opposition to Columbus Day; for 100 elementary/secondary teachers to commit to reorient their curriculum to reflect diverse perspectives on the Columbus story